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Salmon fish Fish is a very nutritious fish that can be processed into countless dishes to make home meals more attractive, nutritious and not boring. trungcapyduoctphcm.edu.vn would like to reveal to you the secret to choosing fresh, affordable salmon and suggest delicious dishes from this fish through the following article.

1. Nutritional composition of salmon

Salmon has a lot of nutrients and energy to ensure the operation of the body. In 100g of lentil meat, there are 19g of protein, 4g of fat, 112 calories.

Besides, salmon is rich in vitamin A. Science has proven that salmon has the effect of protecting eyes, improving eyesight, and preventing macular degeneration.

Salmon also has an abundant amount of DHA which is very good for the brain development of children. For adults, this substance can also help improve memory, strengthen brain activity.

In addition, salmon also contains collagen, which helps to make the skin bright, smooth, and slow aging.

Therefore, not only is it easy to eat, low in bones, firm, soft and sweet meat, but also an extremely nutritious and healthy fish for both adults and children.

Salmon has an abundant amount of DHA which is very good for children’s brain development

2. Prices of all kinds of lentils today

A few things about the salmon

Pangasius belongs to the order of catfish. Adult fish are large, can weigh up to 10-30kg and reach 1.5m long. The body of the fish is covered with a layer of mucus instead of the usual scales found in other fish. The shape of the catfish is quite similar to the catfish because it has a long mustache, smooth skin, a flat head, and a round body.

Salmon usually live in brackish or freshwater environments. They often burrow at the bottom of rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes where the water is not fast-flowing, with a lot of silt and mud. They eat quite omnivorous, from small fish, shrimp, crab, larvae, algae, plankton to insects that land on the water …

The most popular types of fish today

In the world, there are more than 200 types of salmon, but in Vietnam, there are only a few types that are popular, with commercial and culinary value.

Floral fish

Floral lentils are also known as dot fish. The reason they are so named is because the fish has scattered black spots all over the body. Flowering catfish live mainly in rivers and streams in the mountains of the North such as Lo river, Phu Tho, Lam river, Ma river, Da river, Chay river…

Floral fish

Flowering catfish live mainly in rivers and streams in the Northern mountainous region

Red-tailed salmon

Red-tailed lentils, also known as fried lentils or red-tailed lentils, live mainly in the Southwest region, Saigon. This is one of the largest species of trout, averaging about 30kg/fish, and can be up to 200kg/fish if not caught in the wild.

Red-tailed salmon

Red-tailed trout is one of the largest species of trout

Golden lentil fish

Areas of Phu Tho, Viet Tri, Da River, and downstream of the Red River are the habitats of the yellow lentils. They are also known as pink lentils, Da river lentils. This swamp-loving fish has a slightly pinkish yellow skin, glossy, sweet taste quite frugal.

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Yellow lentil meat is said to have healing effects, contains a lot of vitamin A and DHA, is a great nutritious food for people who are just getting sick, young children, the elderly.

This type of fish has not been successfully bred yet, the source of fish mainly comes from wild catch, so the price is quite high.

Golden lentil fish

Yellow lentil meat is said to have healing effects

Black lentils

Black lentils are originated from American catfish, with jet-black skin, raised mainly in Hoa Binh, Luc Dau river (Hai Duong). Because it is a farmed fish, the price of black lentils is quite soft compared to other types.

Black lentils

The price of black lentils is quite soft compared to other types

White lentils

The flesh of white lentils is much better and tastier than black lentils. However, white lentils grow very slowly, in the wild, they are also quite scarce, so the price is quite high, twice as much as black lentils.

White lentils

The flesh of white lentils is much better and tastier than that of black lentils

Prices of all kinds of lentils

The price of sardines fluctuates a lot depending on the season, weight, quality of fish, frozen goods for a long time or fresh. Below is the current price list of the most recent salmon. It should be noted that this table is for reference only.

Name items Price fluctuates (VND/kg) Black lentils 80,000 – 100,000 VND Floral fish 100,000 – 120,000 won White lentils 170,000 – 210,000 VND Golden lentil fish 300,000 – 400,000 VND Red-tailed salmon 270,000 – 700,000 VND

3. How to choose a delicious salmon

To choose a delicious salmon, it’s best to buy fresh fish with the following characteristics:

  • Fish swim well
  • Heavy fish will have more meat
  • Bright fish eyes
  • Round, dark fish body
  • Pay attention to distinguish it from the catfish to avoid the seller’s trick of mixing goods (the price of catfish is cheaper than that of salmon but the shape is quite similar, easy to confuse): Catfish mouth protrudes, head is flat, skin is jet black. ; The head of the catfish is rounder, not too flat, the black color on the skin is lighter.

Salmon and catfish

Pangasius and catfish are quite similar in shape

If you buy Frozen or ready-made salmon, cut into piecesit is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics to choose good fish:

  • The fish is still skinned, the skin is glossy, no scratches
  • No unpleasant fishy smell
  • Fish fat in
  • Fish eyes convex, still inside
  • Abdomen is not distended
  • Fish meat has a certain elasticity


Should choose fish without fishy smell, elastic meat

Outward remittance: To buy fresh, whole, and fillet sardines at a low price, with quality assurance, you can go to the nearest VinMart supermarket or order through the trungcapyduoctphcm.edu.vn app.

4. Suggest delicious dishes from salmon

Salmon hot pot

Lentil fish hotpot cooked with sour bamboo shoots has a spicy and sour taste, very good to eat. Not only attractive thanks to the taste, salmon hotpot also brings coolness, great anti-boring with a lot of vegetables such as mint, water spinach, rhizophora, coriander, spinach, coriander, coriander, corn bananas, spinach…

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The whole family gathers around the warm, steaming hotpot of salmon, which will be a great choice for a weekend afternoon. You can eat with vermicelli, noodles, fish dip with salty fish sauce.

Salmon hot pot

Pangasius hotpot has a spicy and sour taste, very good to eat

Salmon salad

Lentil salad is also a cool dish, extremely attractive because of the fatty taste of fish, the acrid, crunchy taste of bananas, the sweet and sour taste of the salad dressing. Thinly sliced ​​fish meat eaten with vermicelli, rolled with rice paper or served with porridge will stimulate the taste buds of people who enjoy it.

In some places, people also make use of fish heads and fish bones to cook soup, making the rice tray more attractive and flavorful.

Salmon salad

Salmon salad is also a cool and attractive dish

Salmon porridge

This dish is easy to cook, frugal, and extremely delicious, housewives must definitely add it to the family menu.

A cup of fish porridge will make breakfast more warm and nutritious. This easy-to-eat porridge also provides nutrition for the elderly, relieves colds, and fights against boredom for patients who have to eat around minced meat porridge.

Salmon porridge

This is an easy, frugal, and delicious dish to cook

Pancakes with fish and lentils

This cake soup is attractive by its rich broth, chewy rice noodles, fish cake with the aroma of dill, minced purple onion and the blend of many spices such as pepper, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, seasoning seeds. .

The stage of frying fish cake is quite important, it will determine the success or failure of the dish. With enough time and evenly, the new rolls will be chewy and absorbent.

Pancake soup with lentils

This soup cake is attractive because of its rich broth, chewy rice noodles, and flavorful fish cakes

Lentil fish sour soup

Sour soup has a mild sour taste and aroma, the crispiness of ingredients such as mint, coriander, bean sprouts, tomatoes, okra, sour bamboo shoots, and pineapple. Many recipes also add herbs and flowers. The soft, sweet and fatty fish meat is also an indispensable highlight in the dish.

A bowl of sour and sour soup with lentils will help your rice tray be more harmonious, bring a cool taste, relieve boredom when eating fried and greasy dishes.

Sour soup with lentils

A bowl of sour soup with lentils will help your tray of rice be more harmonious, bring a cool taste, relieve boredom

Grilled fish with lentils (La Vong fish cake)

La Vong fish cake is a famous delicacy in Hanoi. Pangasius fillet is marinated evenly with spices with rich flavors such as shrimp paste, galangal, turmeric, batch rice, fish sauce, and then goes through the stages of baking and frying to make the taste up.

The attractive piece of fried goldfish served with rice paper, vermicelli and a cup of shrimp paste mixed with sugar, kumquat, and chopped chili will seduce any fastidious diners.

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Cha Ca La Vong

La Vong fish cake is a famous delicacy in Hanoi

Grilled salmon with lemongrass and turmeric

Grilled halibut has a sweet aroma, the outside is scorched yellow, the meat inside is still soft and sweet. Especially when grilled with lemongrass, turmeric or chili salt, the taste of the dish becomes even more intense by the resonance of the spices, completely eliminating the fishy smell of the fish.

On the weekend afternoon, sipping on salmon with lemongrass juice with a little star fruit, acrid banana, herbs, cucumber, lettuce, rolled rice paper, dipped in sweet and sour tamarind sauce, it’s perfect.

Grilled salmon

Grilled salmon has a delicious aroma, the outside is almost golden, the meat inside is still tender

Pangasius braised with pepper

On days when it’s winter, the cold wind rushes back, there’s nothing better than reuniting with loved ones, chatting and enjoying the hot pot of braised fish. Slices of golden brown lentils with a spicy aroma of pepper will make the family meal more delicious.

Braised fish

Slices of braised lentils, rich in golden brown, with the spicy taste of pepper, will make the meal more delicious

Braised lentils with banana and beans

Braised lentils with banana and beans is a specialty of the Northwest mountains. The natural, hot and sweet fatty fish dish served with vermicelli or rice, radiating the aroma of turmeric and perilla, rich in the fatty and strange taste of banana beans will make diners unable to stop chopsticks.

Nowadays, you don’t have to visit the Northwest to enjoy this delicious dish, but you can use it at restaurants, restaurants or cook it yourself with a simple recipe.

Braised lentils with banana and beans

Braised lentils with banana and beans is a specialty of the Northwest mountains

Salt-roasted salmon

Salt-roasted lentils have a very eye-catching brown cockroach wings. Not only attractive in terms of appearance, the taste of the dish also makes diners forever attached to the crispy taste of galangal and lemongrass; soft and sweet inside, crispy on the outside of fish meat; salty taste of roasted salt; Harmonious cool taste of lettuce, lettuce, cucumber served.

Salt-roasted salmon

Salt-roasted lentils with brown cockroach wings are very eye-catching

Steamed fish with beer

Steamed salmon is always popular because of its simple and pure taste, without many processing stages, so it retains the full natural sweetness of the fish. In particular, when steamed with beer, the fish is not only not fishy but also has a faint scent of beer that captivates the audience.

Steamed salmon

Steamed halibut is always popular because of its simple and pure taste, retaining the full natural sweetness of the fish.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have gained more understanding about sardines such as nutritional composition, how to choose good fish, classification and price. In addition, trungcapyduoctphcm.edu.vn has also suggested delicious dishes made from lentils to make the family tray more attractive and rich.
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