Cúng thôi nôi bé gái cần chuẩn bị những gì?

The birth of the cradle is a ceremony to mark the development of a child, also an opportunity for friends, relatives to congratulate. Therefore, the preparation of the cremation tray, or other rituals in the cremation ceremony, also need to be properly organized. This article will help you better understand the ceremony of giving birth to a baby girl and the process of performing this ritual.

1. What is a baby girl?

Just like the ceremony of cremation of a baby boy, a ceremony of worshiping a baby girl is a traditional ritual in Vietnamese folklore. This is considered a beauty, preserved by our forefathers for generations.

Accordingly, each child after 12 months of age will be given a cradle ceremony to mark a new adult step of the baby, which is to give up the cradle and switch to bed.

In addition, folk beliefs say that this is a thanksgiving ceremony, organized to thank the Midwives and Monsignors for shaping the baby, as well as reporting to the ancestors that the baby was one year old. year old. Through the worshiping ceremony, parents pray that the ancestors will always protect and give the baby the best.

On this day, relatives, relatives and close friends will come to celebrate and send wishes of luck and love to the baby, wishing him a happy, warm, and peaceful life. draw.

2. How to calculate the day of worshiping the baby girl’s cradle

Our fathers have a saying “Girls back 2 boys back 1” to indicate the calculation of the day of worship for the baby. According to the meaning of the saying, for girls, the day of worship will be held 2 days earlier than the date of birth.

The day of worship is usually calculated according to the lunar day, 2 days before the date of birth and full 12 months. For example, if a girl is born on the 15th day of the third lunar month, the day of her birth will be held on the 13th day of the third lunar month next year.

In case a baby girl is born in a leap year, the baby’s birth date will also be counted in a negative day and will be moved back one month. For example, if a baby was born on the 15th day of the third lunar month, the day of worship will be on the 13th of the second lunar month next year.

The traditional cradle ceremony will be held at the right time of the Horse (ie 12 noon). However, now many families have changed the worshiping time, which can be held in the morning or afternoon so that the atmosphere is fresher and more comfortable.

Besides, many modern parents think that leaving the cradle is also the birthday of the baby, so they have chosen to worship the right date of birth according to the calendar year. This is not wrong, however, because offering cribs is one of the long-standing customs, so to be in line with tradition, parents still hold baby showers 2 days before and according to the lunar year.

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3. What does the baby girl’s cradle ceremony include?

The baby girl’s cradle ceremony needs to be fully prepared according to each regional custom. Despite the difference in presentation, the offerings or vows and the rituals of worshiping the baby girl in all three regions of the North – Central – South will be indispensable with the following steps:

3.1 Preparing the baby girl’s crib offering

Normally, the baby girl’s cradle will include 3 trays, of which 1 outdoor offering tray and 2 indoor worshiping trays.

What do you need to prepare for the baby girl's crib?  2Normally, there will be 3 trays of worshiping the baby girl’s cradle – Photo: Internet

The outdoor crib offering tray will include the following items:

  • Sticky rice: 1 large plate
  • Porridge: 1 big bowl and 5 small bowls
  • Boiled chicken: 1 chicken
  • Roast pork: 1 (can be replaced with a roast pork platter)
  • Raw vegetables, wine, incense, flowers, fruits, lamps, tea
  • 1 sharp knife placed on the pig’s back

The tray of worshiping the baby girl in the house includes a tray of worshiping Gods Tai, Tho Dia, ancestors and a tray of worshiping 12 Ba Mu and 13 Duc Ong. The offerings to the gods and ancestors include:

  • Water: 3 cups
  • Flowers: 1 cup
  • Green bean sticky rice or Gac sticky rice: 1 plate
  • Green bean tea: 1 bowl
  • A set of three slugs includes meat, crab, egg (shrimp, crab must be intact) and 1 plate of roast pork.
  • Fruit tray
  • Candies, incense, candles…

The third offering tray that the family needs to fully prepare is the offering tray of 12 Ba Mu and 13 Duc Ong. The offerings in this tray include:

  • Fruit: 1 plate
  • Fresh flowers: 1 jar
  • Sticky rice: 1 large plate and 12 small plates
  • Porridge: 12 large bowls and 12 small bowls
  • Boiled whole chicken, cross wings: 1 chicken
  • Roast pig: 1 (with sharp knife placed on the back)
  • Wine or clean water: 12 cups
  • Drifting tea: 1 big bowl and 12 small bowls
  • Soft drink: 13 cans
  • So and incense to light: 12 trees
  • Betel nut with wings
  • Confectionery
  • Set of gold coins, green comedy set, cup, spoon and chopsticks and 1 pair of flower chopsticks

Note: In order to present the gifts on the baby girl’s crib to be beautiful, parents should follow the principle.

  • The large tray is placed on the large table and lower than the small tray
  • The offerings for the offering tray are arranged according to the principle of Dong Binh Tay Qua
  • Other offerings are arranged symmetrically to create balance and beauty

3.2 Prepare the vows to give up the baby girl

Vows to give up baby girls need to be carefully prepared. At the right time, the representative will conduct the recitation of the baby girl’s birth vows.

The content of the vows is often quite long and difficult to remember, so the family can print it out to read and perform the ritual as properly as possible.

3.3 Perform rituals of worshiping the baby’s cradle

Choosing objects to predict the future: This is one of the most awaited rituals in the birth ceremony. In a tray, there are many things prepared by the family such as: money, gold, sticky rice, pens, mirror, comb, … the baby will choose one dish. Many people believe that the first item a child chooses will be related to his future career.

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Happy age for the baby: After the ritual of choosing objects, it is the time when relatives and relatives celebrate lucky money and send them good and meaningful blessings.

Rite of gilding: This ritual is performed at the time of freckles. At this time, parents will take all the gold coins in the offering tray and burn them. After that, wine and tea will be sprinkled around the ashes. Salt and rice will be scattered on the street.

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4. What should a baby girl give away?

Buying gifts for baby girls is one of the ways to show the care, love, and pampering of the elders for the baby. So if you are wondering what to give a girl’s cradle, please refer to a few suggestions below!

What do you need to prepare for the baby girl's crib?  3There are many meaningful baby girl gifts for you to choose from – Photo: Internet

4.1 Jewelry

As a gift for a baby girl, you can choose jewelry such as strawberry rings, necklaces, bracelets, silver anklets, etc. Because, according to the old concept, these types of jewelry can help Protect your baby’s health and bring good luck.

However, when choosing jewelry to celebrate the baby’s birth, you should choose items with a smooth surface to prevent your baby from getting scratched during vigorous exercise.

4.2 Teddy bear

Teddy bears are one of the items you can refer to when you don’t know what to give to celebrate your baby’s birthday, because almost all girls love teddy bears. Children will feel happy and happy when they have a “companion” at all times.

However, a small note is that you should choose stuffed animals that are within reach or for girls to hug. Should choose bears with cute colors and faces, soft fur to avoid damaging the baby’s skin.

4.3 Doll toys

Like stuffed animals, choosing a doll as a baby’s first birthday gift is also a suggestion worth considering, because girls often have a hobby of playing with dolls.

Not only helping to bring joy to the baby, the dolls will help the baby have interesting experiences when being free to be creative with doll models or self-created stories.

4.4 Clothing and accessories

The clothes with bright colors and lovely motifs will be a gift not to be missed for girls on the day of birth. The models of clothes for girls are also extremely diverse, so you will be spoiled for choice.

Note that you should choose clothes with comfortable designs, materials that absorb sweat and buy a few sizes larger because babies often grow up very quickly.

4.5 Baby supplies

You can also buy baby items for children such as milk, diapers, diapers … if you are wondering what gift is practical. However, if choosing baby items, you should ask the mother in advance to know the brand that the baby is using.

4.6 Age-appropriate toys

To give gifts to a 1-year-old girl, you can choose gifts suitable for her age such as: musical toy box, cooking toy set, crib play set, ball tent for children. …

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4.7 Walkers

A 1-year-old baby is the period when the baby is starting to take his first steps. Therefore, you can give your baby a walker to help speed up the process of walking. You can choose neat, cute, easy-to-push wooden walkers that will delight your baby because they can both play and walk faster.

4.8 Envelopes

The last gift that is both quick and practical is a gift envelope for a baby girl. Accompanied by good luck and good wishes to make the gift more meaningful.

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5. Happy birthday wishes for girls

Cuddling cradle is a traditional ceremony in Vietnamese folklore, this is also considered the baby’s first birthday. Therefore, those present at the baby girl’s birthday party will often give the little princesses good and meaningful wishes.

What do you need to prepare for the baby girl's crib?  4

1. Dear, I wish you a happy birthday, a beautiful, healthy and happy new age in the love of everyone. Love and miss you so much!

2. Happy first birthday baby will receive many gifts and receive many good wishes from loved ones!

3. Happy first birthday to your child. Wish your daughter always beautiful and healthy. May your family always be happy and filled with joy.

4. May the little princess grow up to be a beautiful and talented young woman and always have a lot of luck and happiness in life. Be obedient and listen to your parents!

5. Congratulations on leaving, dear niece. Wish you “fast to eat quickly”, be healthy, beautiful, always obedient and obedient to your parents.

6. Happy 1 year old lovely baby. Wish the little princess will always “shine” like her name.

7. You know, there are a lot of people looking forward to the day you were born crying, including me. It’s been 1 year since I escaped. I wish you a new age of being healthy, smart, lovely, active and forever the pride of your parents and everyone who loves you. Happy birthday to my Baby!

8. Congratulations to your beloved daughter / uncle / aunt / uncle / aunt on 1 year old, wish her daughter on this first birthday will always be healthy, lovely, beautiful and always be the pride of the family. family, baby!

9. Your child’s intelligence and enthusiasm surprised everyone, even though today is the day when he turns one year old. May you always be healthy, safe and happy.

10. Lovely little girl, congratulations on your baby’s birthday as well as your first birthday. I wish you to grow up, beautiful, smart and smart.

6. Some notes when worshiping a baby girl

In order to make a simple baby girl party, parents also need to prepare a lot of related things. Therefore, there are some notes parents need to keep in mind to help the party be more organized and complete.

  • Prepare full offerings
  • Prepare a suitable essay to pray for a baby girl
  • Prepare a dignified and clean worship space
  • Worshipers dress neatly and solemnly

For most Vietnamese families, leaving the cradle is an event that marks a new beginning in each child’s life. This ceremony is not only for the purpose of giving thanks to the gods, ancestors, Midwives and Monsignors, but it is also an opportunity for the child to receive many good luck and love from his family and those around him. .

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