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Accounting is not a “hot” profession according to market trends but a popular, highly stable profession and plays an important role in any organization or business, including small businesses. startups or stores. Therefore, the demand for human resources in this industry is very large. You don’t have to worry about unemployment after studying this field – if you are really capable.

In the past few years, accounting has also been classified as an attractive “freelance” profession because it is possible to work flexibly from home, without being constrained by time. People who work as office accountants, outside of office hours, can still work part-time (tax reports, financial statements, invoices and documents) for small companies.

Ms. Pham Kim Oanh – Chief Accountant of An Phu Vinh Trading & Service Co., Ltd. specializing in import and export of plastic materials – will share more about the accounting profession as well as the difficulties, advantages and opportunities of the industry. This is for students and parents to have a more comprehensive view of the accounting profession in practice.

Ms. Pham Kim Oanh – Chief Accountant of An Phu Vinh Trading & Service Co., Ltd

1. What does the job of an accountant/accountant include?

Current accountants will do jobs such as: Receiving information, recording, processing and calculating data for all activities related to assets and capital of a unit/enterprise. based on the provisions of applicable laws and accounting standards, to issue specific data reports.

Through these reports, managers can regularly monitor the results of their units’ production and business activities, including production and business processes, revenue, costs, profits…, at the same time can monitor the market and control internally. From there, make appropriate assessments and new strategies.

The accounting profession can also be subdivided depending on categorical factors, such as:

  • Based on organizational management factors, there will be public accountants belonging to administrative and non-business units and corporate accounting.
  • According to the job role of accountants, accountants can be divided into General Accountant, Tax Accountant, Bank Accountant, Debt Accountant…

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2. What are the difficulties/pressures that an accountant usually faces?

Each profession has different pressures, especially the accounting profession will have some pressures as follows:

– Pressure on the volume of documents and numbers: Depending on the type of business and the size of the business, the amount of documents and data and reports that must be handled by the accounting department is large or infinite. much. Moreover, management levels rely on accounting reports to manage the business as well as to have a basis for making strategies for the future. Therefore, accounting tasks are very heavy, always have to ensure the numbers have absolute accuracy.

– Pressure on the “deadline”: Accountants always have to make reports to the tax authorities on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, along with daily and weekly reports for administrative purposes. of leadership.

Every delay of an accountant is penalized in money, by the reputation of the employee and of the business. Therefore, accounting is one of the most frequent departments in the unit/enterprise that always has to work through noon, afternoon and even day, especially at the end of the quarter, the end of the year or the period when there is an inspection decision. inspection by tax authorities.

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– Pressure from constantly changing tax policies: Circulars and decrees applied to units/enterprises are constantly changed and revised, and the types of declaration reports for tax authorities are also revised regularly. . This requires accountants to continuously research and update to ensure that they always properly record and record according to the law.

All of the above pressures make accountants often headache, irritable and difficult.

3. What qualities/characters are required to be able to work as an accountant?

In addition to the professional factors like other professions, accountants should have at least the following qualities/characteristics:

– Be careful, work hard

– Withstands pressure and has high reliability

– Agility, ability to plan work, know how to allocate time appropriately to complete work effectively

– Good communication, ability to work independently and in a good team.

accounting, vocational training 5.0Accountants need to be able to work under pressure

4. To become an accountant, which major should students choose? Which school?

To become an accountant, it is mandatory for students to choose a major that is financial accounting (or accounting and finance). Currently, many universities have business administration departments or business administration majors, in which the subjects are Financial Accounting, but they will not be specialized and complete.

When choosing to study accounting, students will have many options: they can study at university, college or study at intermediate level, then study more and study more intensively.

However, if talking about the best accounting universities in Hanoi, in my opinion there are some schools such as: National Economics University, University of Commerce, Academy of Finance, University of Trade Union. …

In Ho Chi Minh City, some of the top universities in the field of accounting can be mentioned such as the University of Economics and Law, the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City, the University of Finance and Marketing, and the Banking University.

5. Current accounting training program?

I studied at university for 4 years, graduated with a university degree in accounting. After practicing for 2 years, I continued to study for a certificate of chief accountant. With 17 years of experience as an accountant, I found that, if students firmly grasp the knowledge at school, they already know how to do the work of accountants in theory. However, each business model has a different way of accounting and reporting for management, so it takes a few months for a new accountant to get used to it.

In addition, because the government’s policies, circulars and decrees are always changing, during the learning process, students may not be able to update immediately. Therefore, when they graduate from school, they will not be able to apply the knowledge they have learned to those changing cases and must continue to learn more practical knowledge.

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6. What knowledge/skills should be prioritized when studying to become an accountant/professional?

To become an accountant, the first important knowledge to learn is the knowledge of accounting operations, including: the system of accounts; actuarial entries applicable to each arising economic transaction; how to make detailed and general accounting reports; financial statements… In addition, computer skills, especially making tables and formulas on excel, are also very important.

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After the process of working and recruiting, I realized – many young people choose to study accounting but have not really invested in majoring while at school, do not master the basic knowledge. When going to work, encountering a transaction that arises, you still do not know where to account, how to account or wrongly account for one account to another.

Because of uncertain knowledge, you also can’t control the data on the report, holding the summary report do not know where it is wrong, do not know where it is unreasonable; Or when you are pointed at the wrong place on the summary report, you don’t know where to check and correct it.

About 15-20 years ago, when accounting software was not popular, accountants still did a lot of manual work, book reports were recorded directly on paper, so it required accountants to have a very good grasp of everything. accounting and reporting methods can be done. The way to control accounting data is therefore more certain.

Currently, more diverse and modern accounting software makes accounting work faster, more convenient and easier. However, some accountants are too dependent on software, only know how to type data into the available interfaces, if you do not know the principles of accounting, you will not know that the interface has accounting entries. Which, where to report. Therefore, skills in checking and controlling reports are also absent. You just print the report out passively…

Maybe like some young people in many other professions, many newly graduated accountants lack hard work, care and progress in their work, “standing in this mountain and looking at that mountain” and are not ready to pay tribute. Donate for a better future.

Therefore, in order to do well in accounting, you need to master the knowledge you have learned from the school, determine the right goals to strive for, along with the spirit of marketing, constantly learning in the process. work to hone their knowledge and skills.

7. What should a fresh graduate do? where?

Currently, there are many companies, even large companies, ready to recruit new graduates with good basic knowledge, professional skills, good moral character and enthusiasm at work. They will give you more training to meet the job assignment of the company and you have a complete opportunity to become a key accountant with many opportunities for advancement.

Depending on the accounting work you are assigned as well as your companion, the most important thing is still your capacity and sense of effort – it will take you about 2-3 years to understand , firmly grasp the accounting operations at the unit/enterprise and competently handle arising related issues.

It can also take you about 5-6 years (since starting your career) to be able to analyze accounting data, improvise most situations related to the work you are doing and handle. basically thoroughly effective. From there, it is possible to have initiatives on how to operate, the management mechanism to build the most reasonable and effective accounting apparatus.

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However, accounting is a necessary profession in all business/organizational models, in all areas of production and business, but each business field has different characteristics, so almost It is impossible for an accountant to be knowledgeable and proficient in all accounting-related operations in all industries in the enterprise. Therefore, cultivating skills and knowledge is always necessary even for a veteran accountant.

8. What positions can employees/accountants be promoted to in an enterprise?

An accountant who works well can strive to be promoted to positions such as chief accountant, chief financial officer, etc. or to other high leadership positions of the business if he is good at many other fields.

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9. What is the income of an accountant when he graduated from college and when he became a good accountant?

A newly graduated accountant usually has an income of 4,000,000 – 6,000,000 VND/month depending on the job, the financial situation of the business and depending on the employee’s capacity level. Salary can increase to 8,000,000 – 10,000,000 VND/month after about 2-3 years of experience.

A good accountant, the salary can be in the range of 15,000,000 – 20,000,000 VND/month. Depending on the working position, whether it is a manager or not, having a foreign language proficiency is also a factor that helps a good accountant achieve a salary of 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 VND/month, even higher a lot if working at multinational companies.

The income of a full-time accountant at the company will be salary and bonus paid by the business.

10. Current demand for accountants and future development trends of this profession?

The demand for human resources of the accounting industry is huge because accounting is an indispensable part of any organization or enterprise, from private to state, from simple to complex businesses. Nowadays, many individual and small businesses also always have accountants to manage data more methodically and accurately.

There are many sources of accounting training from universities and colleges across the country, but quality and professional accounting resources are always in short supply for businesses. This may arise from the inner self of new accountants: not enough knowledge, not enough thinking, not having the qualities to become a real accountant in accordance with the needs of the business.

So, if you love numbers, like to work as an accountant, then boldly choose this industry – don’t worry about not finding a job. As with any industry, if you love your job, if you are really good, you will always find a place in a certain business/organization.

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