Kể chuyện cho bé ngủ, đọc truyện ngắn cho bé mầm non ngủ ngon

Each short story below contains meaningful messages and moral lessons to help children better understand how to live and behave. Tell your baby a story before going to bed to help him develop his character and good qualities.

Piglets visit you

The piglet is a very cute animal, but it has a very bad habit, that is, it does not like to bathe. Hate dirt clinging to the body makes its skin become streaky, white and black spots, and the smell is really unpleasant.

One day, Baby Bear invited his friends to his house to play, Piglet also received an invitation. Piglet is excited to go to Baby Bear’s house.

“Cock tsk tsk tsk …” The piglet knocked on the door.

The cub opened the door and asked in surprise:

– Who are you?

Piglet says:

– I’m a Pig, you invited me to your house to play, don’t you remember?

Baby bear says:

– I invited Piglet, it is a very beautiful white pig, why is the friend so black?

After saying that, Baby Bear took a deep breath and said:

– You have a bad smell on you, similar to the smell on a Fox, are you a Fox pretending to be a Pig?

The Rabbit and the Puppy also came running, and they also smelled the Little Pig and said:

– That friend is so stinky, it must be a cunning Fox posing as a Pig, let’s chase him away!

You immediately took the stick and chased the piglet away. Piglet is so scared, running and screaming: “I’m not a Fox, I’m a Piglet!” But you still don’t believe it and continue to chase it.

The piglet ran to a small pond, it accidentally slipped and fell into the pond. It immediately took the opportunity to hastily take a bath, scrubbing it clean.

After bathing, the Piglet climbed ashore. Surprised bear asked:

– Little pig, that is so strange, just now we clearly saw a Fox falling into the pond, why are you friends now?

Shy piggy says:

– It wasn’t the Fox that fell into the pond just now, it was me. Because I’m lazy to take a bath, I’m both dirty and smelly, causing you to misunderstand.

After understanding the end of the story, Piglet’s friends burst into laughter. They pulled the piglet’s hand to the bear’s house and ate, danced, and sang happily.

The meaning of the story: Because of being lazy for a long time without bathing, the piglet from cute became stinky, ugly, making friends not recognize. Babies must always keep their bodies clean, fragrant and dirty, which will alienate friends.

Careless duckling


It was a beautiful day, the duckling went to the river to play. Out of habit, it took off its clothes and left it loose on the shore without tidying it up, and then jumped into the water to swim as much as possible. Because they were thrown everywhere, after a while, the clothes were washed away by the water without the Duckling’s knowledge.

After swimming was fun, the duckling came ashore, but no clothes were found. How can I go home now, Duckling burst into tears. Looking around, the duckling saw that there were some big lotus leaves, so he thought of a way to break the lotus leaf to cover himself to go home.

The duckling just held a lotus leaf in front of his chest and ran home. Running across the lawn, the Rabbit saw it and burst out laughing:

– Embarrassed, leaving the whole butt open and running around.

Hearing the Rabbit sing like that, knowing that the Rabbit was teasing him, the Duckling was so embarrassed that his face was red. He went faster so that the Rabbit could not see him.

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Passing through the forest, the monkey sitting on the tree saw the duckling, it also hugged its belly and laughed.

– Oh my god, the duckling is not wearing clothes, the wind blows the lotus leaves and blows his butt. Ha ha!

The duckling was so embarrassed and cried loudly. It ran really fast and finally made it home. Meeting his mother, the duckling immediately told his mother everything. Mother Duck, though poor, couldn’t help but laugh.

– Do you know how carelessness and indiscretion cause trouble? From now on, you must give up the habit of throwing clothes around!

Duckling, yes, it’s big.

Story meaning: Because of his carelessness, Duckling got into a lot of trouble and was teased by his friends. Children must practice neatness and orderliness, and when going out, they must dress neatly and neatly so that friends do not laugh at them.

Clever Rabbit


Once a Rabbit came to the riverbank and plucked a blade of young grass and ate it up. The Crocodile nearby lay still and pretended not to see. Rabbits eat vegetables peacefully. The Crocodile immediately pretended to be gentle and slowly crawled to the Rabbit’s side, then suddenly snapped the Rabbit into his mouth.

Crocodile cried: “Hu hu” in the throat to scare the Rabbit. The rabbit was in the crocodile’s jaws. Rabbit was too scared but still calmly found a way to escape. Rabbit says:

– Uncle Crocodile, you say “hu hu” I am not afraid. If you say “Ha ha”, I will be scared to death.

Hearing the Rabbit say that, the Crocodile immediately opened his mouth and shouted “Ha ha.” The Rabbit jumped out of the Crocodile’s mouth, then turned around laughing and ran away into the forest.

Story meaning: Thanks to intelligence and calm, Rabbit used a trick to escape. In any situation, the haste and fear only cause trouble for the baby, always stay calm and find a solution.

Monkey and Crocodile


Once upon a time, there was a Monkey that lived in a tall tree and befriended a Crocodile that lived in a nearby river. Every day, the Monkey will pick delicious apples from the tree and give it to you Crocodile. Receiving gifts from Monkey, Crocodile brought home and ate with his wife.

Crocodile’s wife is a very gluttonous person and wants to eat Monkey’s heart. Hearing that wish of his wife, Crocodile was very confused but still followed his wife’s wishes. Crocodile invited Monkey to sit on his back to take a tour of the river, but it actually intends to kill Monkey and take the heart when swimming to the middle of the river.

When Monkey learned of Crocodile’s evil scheme, he quickly told Crocodile that he left his heart on a tree. If you want it, take it back. Crocodile believed, brought Monkey back to get the heart. However, when he arrived, Monkey quickly climbed the tree and soon disappeared. And so the Crocodile’s plan completely failed.

Meaning of the story: Instead of fear, the baby should be calm so that he can use his intelligence to overcome difficulties. In this story, besides praising Monkey’s intelligence, he also condemns Crocodile’s bad behavior with friends.

Monkey and Dolphin


One day, the sailors began to prepare their belongings to set sail on a sailboat, which would be a long journey. One sailor even brought a Monkey on board.

The boat went out to sea and drifted in the middle of the sea, less than expected a terrible storm came and overturned their ship. All the sailors fell into the sea, and so did the Monkey, he was sure he would drown.

Suddenly a Dolphin appeared and saved the Monkey’s life. It carried the Monkey on its back and swam to the nearest island to escape the storm.

The two animals found a small island, when the monkey got off the back of the Dolphin. Dolphin asked: -Have you ever been to an island like this?

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The monkey quickly replied:

– Of course. You know, the king of this island is also my best friend. I’m actually the Monkey prince, Dolphin.

The dolphin knows that in fact no one lives on this deserted island, it says:

– Good, good, so you are a prince! Now you can even be a king!

Monkey asked:

– How to become a king?

The Dolphin began to swim away, and then it turned to the Monkey:

– It’s easy, Monkey. You are the only animal on this island, naturally you will become king!

Monkey realized the mistake from his bragging but it was too late, Dolphin swam away, leaving him alone on the deserted island.

The meaning of the story: It was because of untrue bragging that the Monkey got into trouble. Children should always be honest because sooner or later lies will be discovered, condemned and ridiculed by others.

Two roosters


The story is about two chickens born to the same mother. When they grow up, they often quarrel with each other. Each one considers himself beautiful, majestic and has the right to be the King of the farm.

One day after arguing, they rushed into a fierce fight, saying that whoever wins will be the King of the farm. Fighting to the end, of course, there is a winner and a loser.

The winning rooster jumped up the fence and crowed to celebrate his victory. Unexpectedly, because of that crowing sound, the falcon noticed and swooped down to catch the winning chicken. The loser chicken was still lying on the ground breathing heavily.

The meaning of the story: It was because of the competition that the brothers were taken away, one of the chickens was taken away, the other was suffocated, and in the end, Falcon was taken advantage of. As brothers in a family, children must love and yield to each other, not allowing outsiders to have the opportunity to bully them.

Three butterflies


Under the brightly colored wallflowers is the home of many butterflies. There are three small butterflies: Yellow Butterfly, White Butterfly and Pink Butterfly. The three uncles are cousins ​​of each other, always loving and close. Wherever there are Yellow Butterflies, the other two butterflies are also found. The parents of all three are very reassured.

One day, all three brothers were playing on the flowers when it suddenly rained. Seeing a big pink Lily nearby, three butterflies flew to ask for help:

– Hi, we got wet in the rain, we can’t fly anymore. Could you let us take shelter under your petals for a while?

– Oh, you are the pink lily. She just let the Pink Butterfly live.

Pink Butterfly thought that her two white and yellow brothers had no place to live and immediately refused and flew away.

After a short distance, the three saw a bright yellow Tulip flower, and asked for help:

We salute you, Tulip. Can you let my three brothers and sisters stay for a while so that the wings can dry and fly away? Tulips refused immediately:

– I am yellow, so I only like friends of the same color as me. The remaining two friends, White and Pink Butterflies, go somewhere else to stay!

The White Butterfly and the Pink Butterfly pushed the Yellow Butterfly into the flower but it shook its head in disapproval. It is determined not to abandon its brothers.

The three butterflies continued to fly in search of shelter from the rain. This time the three of them saw a white Rose. They all asked for help again, but White Rose could not help because her petals were too small. So all three butterflies had to hide under the heavy rain.

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Uncle Sun hiding behind the cloud witnessed the whole story. Touched by the attachment of the three butterflies, he tried to lift the clouds to shine the warm rays of the sun on the children. Soon, the rain stopped and the butterfly’s wings were dried.

The meaning of the story: The love and tolerance of the three butterflies touched Uncle Sun and helped them. When facing difficulties, children should not take the happiness and leave their brothers and friends to suffer hardships and dangers. Children must know how to share and unite to overcome difficulties together.

Boy and bundle of firewood


The story goes that there was a boy, a woodcutter’s son, who lived near the old forest. One day, when the house ran out of firewood, his mother told him to go to the forest to collect some firewood for his mother. The boy intended to go to the forest for a while and would return soon, so he did not bring any water or food. He only carried a rope to tie the bundle of firewood and hurried into the forest.

The boy thought that in the forest there were always many dry branches available, but did not expect that at that time it was very difficult to find dry branches. He went all morning and only picked up some firewood. He continued to go deeper into the forest. After a while, he saw a very hungry man sitting under a tree. Since he didn’t bring any food, there was no way he could help the man. Although he hesitated, he had to go on.

After a while, he saw a Deer standing and licking his lips constantly, looking very thirsty. The boy also did not have water with him, so he could not help the little deer. The boy continued to collect firewood, feeling extremely guilty in his heart. He kept thinking about how to help that man and the Deer.

He held the growing bundle of firewood on his shoulder. As he was walking, the boy saw a man camping in the forest. He struggled to group the kitchen but could not because the firewood was wet. The boy saw this and ran to give the man some dry firewood. Then the boy politely asked him for some water and food. After receiving the food and water, he quickly returned to the old road to find the man and the baby deer to help them.

Due to impatience, the boy tripped and broke his knee. The man saw this and quickly helped the boy sit down and massaged his sore spot. The Deer seemed to understand very well and ran to pick some poultice leaves for the boy’s wound. All three people and animals feel extremely happy because they have helped others.

The meaning of the story: It is the kindness and sharing that when the boy in the story was in trouble, many people helped him. When meeting people in difficult circumstances, he must know how to help, when he is helped by others, he must be grateful.

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