Kinh nghiệm mang thai và sinh con lần 2, tất tần tật những điều mẹ cần biết ngay

Pregnant and giving birth for the second time, the mother has differences compared to giving birth for the first time in both health and spirit. Let’s see what are the differences, are there any difficulties and experience to overcome.

Differences and experiences during the second pregnancy

A woman’s second pregnancy is a few things different from the first:

  • Vaccinations during the second pregnancy

Usually, before the first pregnancy, the mother is almost fully vaccinated, so, in the second pregnancy, most of the mothers are almost fully protected.

If the mother has had all 5 tetanus shots before pregnancy, she does not need to be vaccinated again. If the mother has not had enough 5 injections, an additional injection is given in the second 3 months of pregnancy. If the mother has had all 5 injections but it is more than 10 years after the last injection, she must also have a booster shot. If the mother has been vaccinated with 3-4 tetanus shots before but the last shot is more than 1 year old, she should get one more booster shot to ensure effective prevention.

For measles-chicken-rubella vaccinations, if the mother has not been vaccinated before the first pregnancy, the vaccine should be given at least 3 months before the second pregnancy. For the flu shot, mothers should get the vaccine at least 1 month before the second pregnancy.

Pregnant and giving birth for the second time

Vaccinations during pregnancy and second child birth

  • More experienced

In return for the lack of time to learn knowledge, this time, the mother has more experience in pregnancy. Therefore, the mother’s pregnancy is somewhat lighter than the first time.

When pregnant for the second time, the mother knows which foods to eat, which foods to abstain from, what nutrition is enough for both mother and child, nutritional supplements in the appropriate months of pregnancy, and the schedule. necessary examination, know the necessary delivery conditions, know what to buy and what not….

Or simply a few phenomena during pregnancy such as when the baby kicks, when the mother’s machine is easy to recognize so as not to be too anxious and worried like the first time pregnant. Therefore, the mother’s pregnancy will be less stressful than the first pregnancy.

  • More tired

Pregnant for the second time, the mother is often more tired than the first time because she does not have much time to take care of herself, but has to take care of her older child and take care of her pregnancy.

If the mother is pregnant for the first time, the mother has time to read books freely, learn a lot of knowledge about child care and raising children, have a lot of time to rest, and because it is the first pregnancy, she is also loved by relatives. Worrying about more, this time, the mother hardly has any personal time to do it.

  • Gain weight faster

Mothers who are pregnant for the second time can gain weight faster and earlier, so they need to eat nutritious and enough food instead of eating a lot.

  • Big belly, low belly

The belly is larger, the pregnant belly is lower because the first delivery has not been completely removed, making the abdominal wall unable to support the uterus as well as in the first pregnancy.

  • Urination is difficult to control

Mothers who are pregnant for the second time have symptoms of going to the bathroom that appear earlier and are more difficult to control if the pregnancy is large. The experience for mothers is that doing kegel exercises helps the uterus not to dilate, the perineal area is firm and remember to avoid carrying heavy objects.

  • Early fetal movement
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Depending on some mothers, they can clearly feel fetal movements as early as 16-17 weeks, unlike the first pregnancy, it is not until 19-20 weeks that the mother feels fetal movements because she is more experienced and sensitive. more sensitive to the baby.

  • The second baby’s weight is usually bigger

The second born baby usually weighs about 138g more than the first baby. However, this is only relative because the mother after giving birth is older and easier to gain weight, not all babies are the same.

Mothers should still eat and live in moderation so that the average baby weight is over 3kg.

  • Good tips for moms when pregnant for the second time

The experience for the second pregnancy is more favorable for the mother to make a list of things to do at the beginning of the pregnancy to avoid being tired of having to take care of the baby and having to work hard during the pregnancy, especially the sick period. morning sickness.

Due to her experience, she will be able to plan and spend accurately to both save and fully.

Pregnant and giving birth for the second time

Checklist of things to do and prepare carefully before the second pregnancy

The difference and experience of the second normal birth

Is the second normal birth date correct?

According to the experience of many obstetricians, usually, the second birth is usually about 1 week earlier than the first birth. Therefore, the mother needs to prepare enough procedures as well as psychological and personal items ready for labor at any time at least 2 weeks before the due date.

The mother should be near the hospital so that she can provide emergency labor in time.

Shorter labor time

The good news for mothers-to-be with a second baby is that most women who give birth vaginally have a labor time in the second vaginal birth that is less than half as long as the first.

Is the second vaginal birth with an episiotomy or not?

There are many mothers who said that the second normal birth, the mother feels much easier to give birth. It may be because your cervix has dilated once, making it easier to dilate.

Therefore, mothers who give birth for the second time can give birth easily without having to make an episiotomy. However, not everyone does not need an episiotomy. Many mothers have a well elastic cervix or during childbirth, to create favorable conditions for the baby to be born, the doctor will still make an incision in the mother’s perineum.

More pain

After giving birth once, the mother’s dilated uterus becomes weaker, so the second time, the uterine contractions will take place stronger. Therefore, you may feel stronger uterine contractions causing more pain. After a cesarean section, the new incision overlaps the old one, causing more pain for the mother.

Mothers can overcome it by lying face down, massage, warm the abdomen with ice packs or ginger salt wormwood to ease the pain.

Risk of complications after birth

The second postpartum mother has a higher risk of pregnancy complications than the first time if there is a history or risk from previous pregnancy and childbirth such as preterm birth, threatened preterm birth, pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes…

Exhausted and more tired after the 2nd birth

Mothers giving birth for the second time have to take care of the big baby, if not supported by relatives, it will be quite tiring. Many mothers are exhausted when they cannot bear to take care of both children at the same time.

Therefore, mothers need to plan to seek help from relatives or hire a maid to help take care of older children, housework to have more time to rest after giving birth.

Pregnant and giving birth for the second time

The second pregnancy makes the mother more tired

The difference and experience of the 2nd caesarean section

The interval between two cesarean births

Doctors recommend, at least 2 years after the first caesarean section, the new mother should continue to be pregnant and give birth to a second child.

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The reason is to let the incision heal completely, reducing the risk for the mother when the uterus and abdomen expand during the second pregnancy. If the mother has a large cesarean section, it is easy to cause a rupture or leak. incision, dangerous for both mother and child.

If the mother gives birth for the second time without exceeding the interval of 2 years, during pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention not to let herself and the fetus gain too much weight and have regular check-ups to be timely. abnormal detection.

At the same time, it is possible that the mother will be assigned a caesarean section earlier than the due date to ensure safety, the mother will round the baby in case of risk.

At what week is the 2nd caesarean section?

For many mothers who often wait for labor before giving birth by cesarean section, it should be noted that the second labor is usually 1 week earlier than the first birth. Therefore, mothers need to prepare everything earlier to be hospitalized in time to give birth.

To determine the time of the second cesarean section, the doctor will check the thin thickness of the uterine wall, the old incision. Usually, the fetus from about 39 weeks will be indicated for caesarean section. However, in many cases, pregnant women’s health is weak…maybe an earlier caesarean section is indicated if necessary. Mothers who are healthy and have a well-developed fetus can wait for the day of labor to have a caesarean section.

The mother does not eat before 12 hours, does not drink water before 6 hours, washes and sanitizes, cleans the private area before entering the operating room.

Prepare all documents and procedures, have the support of family members to stabilize psychology and carry out other procedures if required after you enter the delivery room.

Many mothers who give birth alone should choose hospitals with good services to receive care from a to z even without relatives or anything when giving birth.

The 2nd caesarean section is more painful than the 1st time

Most mothers who have a second caesarean section feel more pain than the first time.

The first is wound pain. The new incision overlaps the old one, and the healing time is longer, causing the mother to feel more pain.

The second is uterine contraction pain due to the uterus having to contract after dilating during pregnancy. However, because the second dilation of the mother’s uterus is slower than the first time, the contraction process is not as good as the first time, so the mother will have more pain.

The mother needs to keep the incision clean and eat iron-rich foods. If you have painful uterine contractions, warm your abdomen with an ice pack or ginger salt to feel more comfortable.

Mothers have better postpartum experience

Due to the experience from the first birth, in the second caesarean section, the mother will know how to take care of her baby and exercise better after giving birth.

After about 2 weeks, the mother began to get better, the body pain was less, please exercise gently to relax the muscles. After about 2 months, the mother began to do exercises for the mother after giving birth to help get back in shape and a healthier body.

Pregnant and giving birth for the second time

The second caesarean section is usually more painful than the first

Notes mothers need to know when deciding to get pregnant and give birth for the second time

Take care of yourself

After giving birth, mothers need to know how to take care of their own health, take time for themselves to quickly recover their health.


After giving birth, you are busy with hundreds of unnamed things. So, have a specific plan, schedule, timetable to avoid confusion and excessive fatigue.

Support from relatives and machines

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It is best after giving birth, mothers need to receive support from relatives to reduce the pressure of taking care of children, especially when taking care of older children and taking care of small children is extremely hard.

Besides, you may need some automatic tools and machines to assist you. For example, you may need to use a breast pump to prevent blockages if your baby doesn’t suck or doesn’t finish. Or you need a dishwasher, robot vacuum cleaner, washing machine, etc. to reduce the time you spend doing housework and spending more time with yourself.

Relieve psychological pressure

In order to relieve psychological pressure after giving birth, mothers should regularly share their feelings and emotions with their husbands, relatives and close friends for help, comfort, and feel that they are not alone as well as reduce the risk of depression. postpartum feeling.

Caring for the big baby’s feelings

There is a problem that many parents probably forget after having a second child. It is to care about the feelings, thoughts, feelings of older children.

Depending on age, from 3 years old and up, babies have many feelings and thoughts of their own. Younger children need more care about sleep and meals. With older children, parents need to stabilize their children’s psychology, so that they know and get used to the fact that they are about to have more children, so that they can get used to personal hygiene, help mothers do chores or create excitement for their children. I’m happy to have you and know I love you.

Parents absolutely do not use threatening words such as having a new child, the child will be left out, or discriminating, abandoning and hurting the child’s psyche when they always care about the second child but forget the presence. of the older child causes the child to generate feelings of envy and jealousy towards the younger child.

Parents can send their older children to school, participate in skill classes to make friends, learn as well as have time to take care of the baby.

Having a second child, parents need to prepare for the health, finances, and psychology of each family member so that they can have a favorable birth and wait for new joys for the family.

In addition, please find a reputable antenatal clinic and monitor your pregnancy regularly according to the doctor’s instructions.

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